Windows 2012R2 LACP NIC Team Performance Tuning

Problem: When using 4x 1GBit/s NICs in a LACP team, I am not getting much more than 1GBit/s.

Answer: The LACP team equates to 4x 1 GBit/s streams. In order to get 4GBit/s at any particular time, your server needs to be transferring 1GBit/s of traffic between at least 4 different IP addresses. 

If your server is communicating with only 1 target IP address, and, even if the target is running at 10Gig, you will only get 1GBit/s of traffic.

The why: Address hashing is used in the NIC teaming. Each NIC sends and receives packets only between itself source and a specific target.