Removing HyperV Backup Checkpoints Using Powershell

Get the VM state

Get-VMSnapshot -VMName vmWithCheckpoint -ComputerName hyper-vhost | fl 

Deleting the HyperV Backup Checkpoint

Removing a checkpoint merges its content with the parent. Merging may be disk intensive. If the differencing disk is large, you may want to do this after hours.

Get-VMSnapshot -VMName vmWithCheckpoint -ComputerName hyper-vhost| Remove-VMSnapshot

Removing the HyperV Replica Checkpoint

Sometimes a failed over VM had stale checkpoints which resisted the Remove-VMSnapshot command. In this case, the GUI was used to remove the checkpoint via Remove Replication

Forcing Removal of a Snapshot 

Locate the snapshot_guid.xml  file. Stop and disable the VMMS service prior to editing. Restart the service after editing.

At the bottom of the <snapshots> section change:

 <type type="integer">32768</type>


 <type type="integer">2</type>

a standard snapshot.

Need to edit when elevated and .